Edgardo come back to Dresden Semperoper to make his debut like Libenskof from Rossini’s Il viaggio a Reims.

Il viaggio a Reims
Gioachino Rossini
Dramma giocoso in one act
Libretto by Giuseppe Luigi Balloco
Performed in Italian with German and English supertitles

In 1825 a group of nobles travelling from all over Europe to the coronation of Charles X of France are stranded in a luxury hotel near Reims for lack of horses. Soon the guests are embroiled in love affairs, intrigues, secret intentions and jealous passions. But in the end, all parties make their peace at a joint banquet. Rossini’s musically colourful and highly virtuosic satire brings together Europe’s political forces of the first half of the 19th century, ostensibly in the harmless story of events at one hotel.


Conductor Francesco Lanzillotta
Staging Laura Scozzi
Set Design Natacha Le Guen de Kerneizon
Collaboration Set Design Isabelle Girard Donnat
Costume Design Fanny Brouste
Lighting Design Fabio Antoci
Video Stéphan Broc
Choreography Olivier Sferlazza
Choir Cornelius Volke
Dramaturgy Juliane Schunke
Corinna Elena Gorshunova
Marquise Melibea Maria Kataeva
Lady von Folleville Tuuli Takala
Madame Cortese Iulia Maria Dan
Chevalier Belfiore Taylor Stayton
Graf von Libenskof Edgardo Rocha
Lord Sidney Georg Zeppenfeld
Don Profondo Maurizio Muraro
Baron von Trombonok Martin-Jan Nijhof
Don Alvaro Bernhard Hansky
Don Prudenzio Tilmann Rönnebeck
Don Luigino / Zefirino Beomjin Kim
Delia Anna Kudriashova
Maddalena Roxana Incontrera
Modestina Christiane Hossfeld
Antonio Dogukan Kuran
Gelsomino Gerald Hupach
Sächsische Staatsopernchor Dresden
Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden

Dresden premiere

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